The Power of Doing

It turns out anyone can do anything they ever wanted; according to the idea that if you live for 87 years and you start at about 10 years old you can do 7 different things (so long as it takes 7 years to master one thing. ┬áIsn’t that impressive? Doesn’t that show immense awesomenessocity?! YesContinue reading “The Power of Doing”

What the DEVIL are you reading Mr. O?

Well it turns out I’ve decided to start reading books again; I don’t know how I’ve found the time but obviously I must think it’s important enough of a thing to do for my mind, body; and soul. You know; I’m like any other average joe. How am I better than any other guitar playerContinue reading “What the DEVIL are you reading Mr. O?”


Well folks; my 6 string beauty; my ESP Horizon FR-II just got resurrected with it’s original setup of EMG 81 and 85’s. Now; that might sound like a lot of redundant meaningless technobabble guitar nerd speak HOWEVER. This is good news. I’m gonna finish the leads for Land of Secrets with this guitar; at leastContinue reading “THE WIZARD RETURNS”