4 String Arpeggio Attack!

Every now and again I like to share things that I teach my students – things that challenge them a lot and make them grow. Usually it’s a technical thing that is weird at first but needs to get ‘un-weird’ for the hands. These small licks are motivational and key to keeping ones playing freshContinue reading “4 String Arpeggio Attack!”


Winter NAMM 2016: Ormsby Guitars

These guitars are absolutely fantastic. Mr. Perry Ormsby is an outstanding luthier, and his company’s work shows that. The consistency of his GTR model, which is made in Korea, was astounding. I loved every minute, and every note, of playing on this purple 7 string multi-scale guitar. I must own one in an 8 stringContinue reading “Winter NAMM 2016: Ormsby Guitars”