Gibson 1983 SG in Wine Red

This is my 1983 Gibson SG. I traded my old ESP Horizon NT-7 for it, as I was looking for something that was more appropriate to play country and blues music. It was a direct trade which was fantastic, and actually the pictures in this post are a little outdated. I have switched out theContinue reading “Gibson 1983 SG in Wine Red”


Aristides 060 Review #2 w/ Matt Perrin (Angelmaker, Threat Signal)

This video was done back in 2015 and is just now making its way onto my website here. As many people already know, the composite nature of Aristides guitars is gaining a lot of infamy. Plainly put, they are fantastically built guitars. In this video, we test drive a fully composite instrument (the blue 060),Continue reading “Aristides 060 Review #2 w/ Matt Perrin (Angelmaker, Threat Signal)”

A Slice of Guitar Heaven

The other day my friends Matt and Will stopped by and we had ourselves a lovely hangout. They both brought some of the most pristine, and prestigious, instruments that have graced my studio. Let me preface this post by saying I am incredibly impressed by the work that goes into all guitars, and that I stillContinue reading “A Slice of Guitar Heaven”

Paul Ozz – Heir Apparent by Opeth (Mini Cover)

This cover is brought to you by: wanting to play Opeth with a beautiful blue PRS that is fairly rare and old. I loved putting this all together, and learning an Opeth song and trying to make it sound good was a great challenge to rise to 🙂