Pick Review Part 3: Dragon’s Heart Picks / Jim Dunlop Ultex Jazz III


These picks were a lot of fun to test out. I do especially like and have tracked with the hardest of the 3 different Dragon’s Heart picks and I found them to be quite lovely. The Ultex Jazz III is very easy for me to play with but it’s just a little bit too small on the surface area, alas. More reviews and videos coming up soon!

Also, check out that swiggity swooty new set! 😉

Positive Grid BIAS Desktop Review



I definitely spent some time developing the format for this video; I didn’t want it to be a regular tone test so I added another tone or two in there to keep it spicy, and one that wasn’t even my own! Check it out!

Clean Demo – Positive Grid Desktop Bias


This little video was just made to show how wonderful and stellar and tubey the clean sounds are that are coming from the powerful Desktop Bias modeller. At a fraction of the cost of an amplifier or of other expensive modellers, it’s definitely a great piece of kit. Stay tuned for a review!

Schecter Guitar Research: KM7 Review

This was one of my most favourite guitars to review; it’s cheaper than all the others I have reviewed, it sounds absolutely killer, and it plays great. What more do you want from a guitar?

I was terribly impressed by its tone and especially it’s lead sounds. Definitely watch if you have a love for good lead guitar!

DiMarzio: Titan Review (Jake Bowen Signature Pickups!)


What a dream of a guitar and what fantastic pair of pickups. DiMarzio really nailed it this time, with a highly versatile and dynamic tonality from either pickup. The neck Titan felt a little lower in volume on the clean setting but the guitar wasn’t perfectly set up as I was too busy playing it to notice at first.

This video is one of my most beautiful, I think, and so I must thank Mr. Atlantis one more time for providing me with a second angle which definitely was inspiring to work with!