Daemoness Cimmerian 7 String Review

This guitar was an absolute pleasure to play. I loved every minute of it. Check out the video below for a playthrough of my song, ‘Skygate’!


‘Land of Secrets’ Update!!

So it turns out that I have finally finished tracking for ‘Land of Secrets’. This is great news because now I only have mixing, mastering, and release to deal with.

The hard part is over – because I already can hear, in my own mind ,how I’d like the mix to sound: like Symphony X’s ‘Paradise Lost’ mixed with the sheer ‘mass’ of Ihsahns ‘After’. I think this will be very achievable with the gear and people I have in mind to help finish this opus.

Truly, it is the best that I can do as a musician as of right now, and that is what I strive for in every release.
Stay tuned for further updates regarding track listing, release date, and epic playthrough videos!


Sharing is Caring, and I should probably stop

I have this horrible, and largely accidental, habit of sharing everything I do that is in regards to music. I don’t really understand why, but I can guess.

Probably because sometimes things move very slowly in my world, musically, that I feel I must share even the most incomplete and insignificant of recordings. But at the time of recording and doing a momentary mix, they seem quite significant. I suppose it’s that need to share sounds.

Thankfully I have not shared every song off of my upcoming album “Land of Secrets”. At least not yet. I’ll be asking friends and colleagues for their ears to listen to the album once or twice through for some mixing opinions and advice before I go in to mix and master the record, but before mastering only a select few will hear what I’ve been working on for what feels like ages.

I’m actually surprised only one person has made fun of me for releasing the artwork so early in the process of promoting the album, but perhaps it’s because only recently have more people started to care about the release. Flattery in the form of impatience is still flattery!

So far, I had 87 things to do this morning to finish the album, and now I’m down to 67. These are things which are blaring mix related issues as well as re-recording parts that need attention. I’d say I’m putting a huge dent into it.

A lot of work has been going into music aside from “Land of Secrets”. Recently, Auroch went into the studio and tracked the E.P “Seven Veils” as well as another song I won’t talk about just yet. It was a fantastic experience working with Stu and with his employee and colleague Mark who was with us for most of the time during tracking. I had forgotten how much I loved the smell of a studio and the nausea involved with tracking things a thousand times to get it perfect.

As well as Auroch stuff, I have been slowly but surely gathering music together for a 3rd Paul Ozz release that I will definitely not share the name or concept of just yet. I’m going to complete everything first, and then let the sharing & social network escapades begin.

I figure, starting a 3rd album whilst the 2nd one is at the end of being done is a good way to keep ones self always musically creating. Taking this into account of the rest of my life, I have also started working for a startup but alas my fingers are tired and dinner is ready.

Busy days are ahead, but 2014 is my year.

Finding Inspiration

Usually when there is thunder in the sky a lot of people like to duck and cover in fear and in expectation that their day will be ruined by some cosmic alignment of molecules destined for their day to be ruined. I like to think of thunder storms as the release of energy, which is what it really is.

It’s up to us as to what we do with that energy, are we afraid of it? Do we utilize it? Do we teach what it’s meaning is? Do we give it spiritual value?

I choose to give it inspirational value. What is more primordial and raw than a thunder storm? The feeling of the earth shuddering beneath your toes coupled with a raging tide of rain falling seemingly endlessly from the sky – what could be more poetic?

Of course earthquakes, volcanoes, and tornadoes as well as other natural disasters are infinitely more powerful, but we only get the occasional thunder storm here on my part of the world.

I enjoy the fact that humans are absolutely powerless, even in their understanding of how the world and it’s forces work. We can understand it, we can even to a certain small scale reproduce these things, but we can’t do anything about them on the planetary scale.

This powerlessness brings power, I figure, as we remember that we are beings who have divined the earth with our creations. I mean to say, we rule the earth, but we are still subject to it. There is never going to be a power struggle, there is a hierarchy. We are second on the food chain to a global catastrophe, are we not? Could not the earth swallow us in tsunamis and hurricanes?

It’s an interesting thought.

Alas, this post is about finding inspiration. So to get to my point quite quickly and plainly: if I can find inspiration in a thunder strike or two, where can you find it?

1200+ Subscribers?!?


I’m very happy to say that I’ve broken far past the 1000 subscriber mark and have hit over 1200 SUBSCRIBERS!

I haven’t had a chance to do a video about it until now, and I thought I’d make it a little humorous as that is what gets me views I think, ultimately. I deliver information and advice at the end of the day. And through these videos, with some light humour, I attempt to make the viewer stay until the end of the video to get the most they can get from the video.

It has helped me develop as a person to be able to do these videos in confidence that a lot of people will get something out of what I’m saying. That isn’t egotistical, that is pride that I’ve developed my little mountain of videos into something kind of cool. Here’s to the future, and to you, the subscriber, the viewer, and the reader.