1200+ Subscribers?!?


I’m very happy to say that I’ve broken far past the 1000 subscriber mark and have hit over 1200 SUBSCRIBERS!

I haven’t had a chance to do a video about it until now, and I thought I’d make it a little humorous as that is what gets me views I think, ultimately. I deliver information and advice at the end of the day. And through these videos, with some light humour, I attempt to make the viewer stay until the end of the video to get the most they can get from the video.

It has helped me develop as a person to be able to do these videos in confidence that a lot of people will get something out of what I’m saying. That isn’t egotistical, that is pride that I’ve developed my little mountain of videos into something kind of cool. Here’s to the future, and to you, the subscriber, the viewer, and the reader.

AUROCH – From Forgotten Worlds (Solo) Video

This is one of a few solos that I wrote for the debut record from my band AUROCH (http://auroch1.bandcamp.com/)

I did another one in the song titled “TERRA AKELDAMA” which was actually a one take in the studio! It was so strong that we decided to just keep it and move forward. It was a great day in the studio.

New Year Proclamations

I have decreed!

Live shows are inevitable this year.

With AUROCH as well as PAUL OZZ MUSIC.

All shows are already pretty much fully booked up and are just waiting certain announcements.

Excitement builds.


Goodbye to an Old Friend





This amplifier has been a part of my arsenal for a couple of years now; some tolex has been marked, but it has not deteriorated at all in terms of quality of sound and in stability. Recently re-tubing it has turned it into an even greater demon of sorts: it has enough gain to tear down buildings but a soft purr on the clean channel when overdriven makes it comparable to any Fender amp.

But it’s time to move on and let someone else experience the magic.

If you’re interested in buying it please shoot me a message.



Well folks; my 6 string beauty; my ESP Horizon FR-II just got resurrected with it’s original setup of EMG 81 and 85’s. Now; that might sound like a lot of redundant meaningless technobabble guitar nerd speak HOWEVER. This is good news.

I’m gonna finish the leads for Land of Secrets with this guitar; at least mostly. It’s an extremely exciting time to put on my old pair of boots and test drive the guitar that purrs like a lion after devouring its meal.

I beckon you to watch my YouTube channel as I will be reviewing the EMG 81 and 85 and giving a thorough in depth look at why they are misunderstood and a lot more awesome than they are. I’ll probably post the link in a separate post.

Anyhow; this is so awesome. It sounds so Mid and REALLY punchy. The thing can cut through mixes so easily – I am so excited to start hammering at my tunes with it again! Yes it’s a 6 string yes it’s not as functional as my 7 but damn it I’ve had it for years! There is love ; blood; sweat, tears and joy in this instrument!

It has travelled thousands of miles; seen the coasts of Canada, played on 4-5 albums, and will continue to serve me well.

I hate to sound like a poster boy for ESP Guitars but they really do age like a fine wine; and mine is getting particularly expensive.