#DimebagLegacy Cowboys from Hell Solo Cover

Paul Ozz – Heir Apparent by Opeth (Mini Cover)

This cover is brought to you by: wanting to play Opeth with a beautiful blue PRS that is fairly rare and old. I loved putting this all together, and learning an Opeth song and trying to make it sound good was a great challenge to rise to 🙂

New IHSAHN Cover!

If you look at the top of the front page where the ‘Featured Songs’ are, you will see that I have updated the Soundcloud song to a cover of IHSAHNs masterpiece ‘The Eagle and the Snake’.

This is one of my most favourite songs that he has composed, and I thought I’d attempt to cover it. I hope you enjoy!


In The Hall of the Mountain King (Cover)

This merry little cover was kind of a bit of a brash one; I don’t like Christmas songs or music. I don’t like the holidays because a lot of people fake being very very friendly. This is my answer to all of that.

You step into my domain with your mask of positivity? You have stepped into the wrong hall. This is my mountain dude. Step off or step on with actual positivity. Feel it. Mean your happiness. Then I won’t chase you out with a hammer.

(That isn’t a threat or anything, but yeah anyhow.)