Finding Inspiration

Usually when there is thunder in the sky a lot of people like to duck and cover in fear and in expectation that their day will be ruined by some cosmic alignment of molecules destined for their day to be ruined. I like to think of thunder storms as the release of energy, which is what it really is.

It’s up to us as to what we do with that energy, are we afraid of it? Do we utilize it? Do we teach what it’s meaning is? Do we give it spiritual value?

I choose to give it inspirational value. What is more primordial and raw than a thunder storm? The feeling of the earth shuddering beneath your toes coupled with a raging tide of rain falling seemingly endlessly from the sky – what could be more poetic?

Of course earthquakes, volcanoes, and tornadoes as well as other natural disasters are infinitely more powerful, but we only get the occasional thunder storm here on my part of the world.

I enjoy the fact that humans are absolutely powerless, even in their understanding of how the world and it’s forces work. We can understand it, we can even to a certain small scale reproduce these things, but we can’t do anything about them on the planetary scale.

This powerlessness brings power, I figure, as we remember that we are beings who have divined the earth with our creations. I mean to say, we rule the earth, but we are still subject to it. There is never going to be a power struggle, there is a hierarchy. We are second on the food chain to a global catastrophe, are we not? Could not the earth swallow us in tsunamis and hurricanes?

It’s an interesting thought.

Alas, this post is about finding inspiration. So to get to my point quite quickly and plainly: if I can find inspiration in a thunder strike or two, where can you find it?

A New Way to look at “Creative Imbalance”

So I’m writing a book right now that is basically a self-help guide to being a musician in a world of distraction and of time wasting opportunities that we always do instead of what we’re supposed to do.

The inspiration behind it is that even now as I’m typing this I feel I should be doing something creative, even though that notion is kind of ridiculous.

Or is it?

The idea that we need ‘balance’ in our lives is truly an absurd notion simply because in our lives we love to have an imbalance of certain things: sex, alcohol, and other things. We call those addictions but really it’s a wanted imbalance that becomes a dependant imbalance of doing something potentially good or bad for yourself simply because of the amount of pleasure you associate with it.

So why don’t we condition ourselves to have a healthy imbalance of being creative 500% of the time? Or at least the amount of time that we would need it, say for 5-6 hours of song writing you were really creative during the entire period.

It’s a bizarre way to look at things and I kind of prefer it this way myself simply because then I can trick myself into thinking I could write an entire song in a day by just starting simple and building. Eventually everyone gets tired and has a snack or juice or something but the idea is to be constantly creating to the point where you are too tired to do much else. For a musician this is ideal, I think. Because then you can have a few albums instead of one after 2-3 years of working on music.

Anyhow I hope this has been stimulating. A playthrough of one of my songs called “The Maxim of Hassahn” will be coming up very shortly.


Collaboration & Co-Creation

So many things that are exciting are happening in my life right now. I could sit here and whine about some negative things or things that I wish would happen but aren’t – but instead I have chosen the path of the champion. By being grateful and thankful for my blessings: in whichever sizes they come in. I received some cash the other day – that is always welcome! How much was it? It was a gift in itself to receive it, therefore the amount in itself is always an added bonus. Start thinking of things as blessings and you can begin to see the beauty in life.

I bring up Collab and Co-Creating things simply because a lot of that seems to be going on in my life. And that’s how dreams come true. So really, the reclusive and the people who aren’t very responsive to their environments or their lack of changing environments suffer the most because they remove themselves from the opportunity to make something really cool.

And that’s just what is happening with me right now. Several projects all at the same time. Several people wanting my attention asking me for help as well as people that want to work with me that intellectually and personally inspire. I’m a normal human being like everyone else, but man, some ideas that come together due to the collaboration between seemingly normal folk really begin to shoot into these ideas that are just astronomically genius. It makes me really proud. I have a team coming together. Music is coming together.

As ASAP Rocky says, Extraordinary Swag. In my case, this is in the vein of amazing ideas and amazing people coming together in my life. Useful acquaintances and good friends.

Be happy.

Be grateful.

Drink some water.

Get playful.


Writing for the Soul

It seems that whenever I am reading a self-help article online all it ever mentions is how a person got into writing and how they attained great success whilst doing it. Doing workshops and talking to people – selling ‘better’, all of those mundane things seemed to be ‘improved’ after they took up writing and some form of meditation.

Well I usually think such things are hogwash; but I recently came up with a pretty solid idea for a series of Novellas. It may or may not work but it would definitely flex the creative muscle inside of me in a completely different way. And considering how much soul power I need to write an album that means something to me; I must admit I’m curious at the idea of writing for, or from this place.

Now don’t take my meaning of soul as something that involves god – no I’m talking merely the creative and free spirit that resides inside and says all the things you wish you could say and does all the things you wish you could do.

Anyhow; it turns out I’m not the only one into writing. After a lengthy chat with a friend recently it was realized that they too were on their own path of change and of creativity through the soul in their own writing and it dawned on me that in that sense the universe is telling me to get myself in order. The logical side says coincidence; but the spiritual side does not believe in it. Pseudoscience aside; I stopped believing in coincidence a long time ago.

Positively influencing those around you – sounds like something some hippie moron might say to you after a HARSH bong sesh. Truly though it is something profoundly revealing of your own capabilities if you can positively influence someone and they actually appreciate it and thank you for it. Through words this can be done at a speed so fast now that we have the internet that it is RIDICULOUS to think of any other medium that could do so.

Then we got video.

But this post is about the evolution of the person and the mind. If you are able to sit down and write 500 words like I am today and it is about a fiction-based tale or a fantasy or a dream you once had and then you build upon it – the dream becomes a fathomable reality unto its own via words. You are literally taking subconscious thoughts and images and playing them out into your own opera. There is something very magical about that.

Perhaps I sound old and out-dated and not ‘with-the-times’ but I think that the simplistic idea of taking something that is only entirely into your head as a thought of a story or of a life goal and then making it a reality in a very easy to communicate way is something absolutely brilliant. If we had more children expressing themselves this way rather than being forced to do detrimentally boring and un-stimulating exercises I could only imagine the evolution of art.

As we are still a fledgling society in a world made small by rapid communication; I think it a dire necessity to remind ourselves of the infinite creativity we all have. To those of you who believe you have none: change your beliefs about yourself and you will be a happy, happy person.

In childhood; whenever Ms. or Mr. Teacher gave us 45 minutes to write down a story, or perhaps we had a spare half hour to write down some thoughts about something, I would abuse this time as it would be my favorite. I would not waste a moment; minute or otherwise. It would allow me to be creative in a totally unscripted and uninhibited way without having to worry about what anyone thought about anything. It was bliss. I hope some day that everyone realizes what they are doing should be feeling the same way. It was not work. It was not school. It was playtime with pencil and paper.



So ever since I started reading this book “The Magic” I’ve become a lot more grateful. As expected; the books chapters contain daily ‘rituals’ for being grateful as it’s premise is that being more grateful will only bring you more of what you are grateful for; or at least a lot of positivity.

Well since I started using it and started literally feeling how grateful I am; a lot has changed. A lot of confidence has started to build up. A lot of personal promises have been kept; and a lot of change has happened in my relationships and in my confidence with money. I have a very small sum of money; according to society, but man is it going to bring me a lot of changes that I am really happy to say will be only amazing ones.

I am grateful for it. I am grateful for what it will bring me and what my resources have given me in the first place. I can only go up and up from here with it. Partly is of course because I know where to invest it, but the other part is knowing that it is going to actually cause positivity. There is something really heart warming about knowing that you are going to do something positive with something physical in a way that will provide happiness – it’s this endless circle of joy. I love it.

I implore you to try it out. Take 20 minutes a day and think about things you are grateful for, and really feel it. Think about your relationships and your monetary situation or your career and just be grateful for where you’ve gotten yourself. A pat on the back can go a long way to helping confidence issues and bringing about a lot of extra joy you didn’t realize you could tap into.

Especially around this holiday season I am beginning to feel the happiness of family whereas usually people think hanging out with the fam-jam is a very boring and potentially hazardous situation or thought. I love it. I have a very small family but we get along just fine. We have never been super wealthy in the eyes of big pay-checks but we certainly do have each other. What more could you ask for other than for good health and to be actually happy with your life?

When one starts to focus on the ‘don’t-haves’ and the negative aspects of their lives they usually NEVER think about the positive aspects of those negatives. I know for me my current situation financially won’t bring me an apartment of my own, but I don’t let it get me down. I am thankful for knowing where I want to be, and what apartment I do want so that when I get it I am that much more grateful. But to even think of such pleasant thoughts and bring those endorphines in is ALSO something to be grateful for – getting the picture?

Just be grateful. It’s not that hard. As Devin Townsend has said in one of his songs “Laugh, love, live, learn.” Take the high road.