Finding Inspiration

Usually when there is thunder in the sky a lot of people like to duck and cover in fear and in expectation that their day will be ruined by some cosmic alignment of molecules destined for their day to be ruined. I like to think of thunder storms as the release of energy, which is what it really is.

It’s up to us as to what we do with that energy, are we afraid of it? Do we utilize it? Do we teach what it’s meaning is? Do we give it spiritual value?

I choose to give it inspirational value. What is more primordial and raw than a thunder storm? The feeling of the earth shuddering beneath your toes coupled with a raging tide of rain falling seemingly endlessly from the sky – what could be more poetic?

Of course earthquakes, volcanoes, and tornadoes as well as other natural disasters are infinitely more powerful, but we only get the occasional thunder storm here on my part of the world.

I enjoy the fact that humans are absolutely powerless, even in their understanding of how the world and it’s forces work. We can understand it, we can even to a certain small scale reproduce these things, but we can’t do anything about them on the planetary scale.

This powerlessness brings power, I figure, as we remember that we are beings who have divined the earth with our creations. I mean to say, we rule the earth, but we are still subject to it. There is never going to be a power struggle, there is a hierarchy. We are second on the food chain to a global catastrophe, are we not? Could not the earth swallow us in tsunamis and hurricanes?

It’s an interesting thought.

Alas, this post is about finding inspiration. So to get to my point quite quickly and plainly: if I can find inspiration in a thunder strike or two, where can you find it?

Thoughts on Moving Forward

So as I sit here; after a long happy couple of days; I think about moving forward. It seems clear to me what I have to do and what I need to do to do such a thing; but alas my mind is growing tired as it is nearly time for me to rest. Life should be joyous. Life should be fulfilled.

The question is; what do you need to fulfill it? What kind of things bring you joy? Painting cars? Being a master of fine cheese? Perhaps making beautiful instruments? Or all of the above?

I read an article the other day that said that with every 7 years you have a new life time. I thought it was a clever hook or dodgy title to a post that might be a waste of my time; but then it was not. And it was a pleasant shock.

Supposedly it takes 7 years of hard work and effort to master something. Now; with that in mind if you live until you are 87 (ish) you can master 7 things starting at the age of ten. Something about that is horribly exciting. Something about that makes me wonder and wonder more and be curious.

Something about that tells me how I want to lead my life. Pity I won’t be able to link you the article here; you should find it yourself. It was damn well intriguing.



There is no better way to start the day than with a solid amount of exercise; and extreme brutal Russian slam Death Metal.

This music is not only stupidly vicious; brutal, and assailing to the ears, but it was made quite nicely! How horrifying! Well made Death Metal? To the uneducated ear, an abrasive disgusting music, but to someone who appreciates fine production work on an album, you still don’t need to be a wizard to understand these guys are onto something. Horror and hard music. What a FANTASTIC combination?!

That’s why I play live with a Lovecraftian Technical Blackened Death Metal band called AUROCH. I even helped out on the record with some 7 string duties!

Exciting stuff. Extortionate and destructive riffs. It feeds a dark part of the mind; the one that wants ‘blood’. There is something deeply primal and again; cathartic when one plays such harsh music live.

I think it’s the insinuation of fear and the catatonia that primal fear invokes that true showmanship is able to enunciate in a live setting; at least in terms of metal.