Disappointment with ESP/LTD

My disappointment stems from ESP not having enough guitars ready and making me wait another 2 months for a guitar that isn’t even made in Japan.

At the same time; my tendonitis has decided to act up in a very vicious manner, leaving me as such with incredible pain in my left hand. This is a setback, but I’m not sure for how long. I don’t think I’ll be finishing my next album on time because of this.

Sure it’s bad news. But it happens. I don’t have a seven string guitar and I can’t even play guitar right now – so I suppose I’ll be focusing on getting a dayjob.

Because really; a dayjob would help a lot with all the gear I need and the gear that needs replacement.
In the mean time, I plan on sipping this glorious Americano and getting buzzed and ready to kick some midi drums out of the ballpark here.