VIDEO: Axe FX II Diezel / ESP Horizon FR-II! [HD]

Axe FX II with ESP and Ibanez Guitars!

This video took a good 40-60 minutes to shoot properly. I had to re-shoot, and the editing process was delayed, but this is by far my best review video to date.

I hope you enjoy it.

Airplanes + Guitars = WAT?

I made this video because I thought it would be an interesting topic to talk about. I didn’t realize my camera quality was so potato tough. iMovie settings must have crapped out. My apologies for those of you who care about potato or tomato.

I love ESP Guitars for their sturdy instruments. Surviving tours, several album recordings and airplanes = quality. Kirk Hammett said it best when he referred to his ESPs like fine wines in regards to them aging well. Love it!


Well folks; my 6 string beauty; my ESP Horizon FR-II just got resurrected with it’s original setup of EMG 81 and 85’s. Now; that might sound like a lot of redundant meaningless technobabble guitar nerd speak HOWEVER. This is good news.

I’m gonna finish the leads for Land of Secrets with this guitar; at least mostly. It’s an extremely exciting time to put on my old pair of boots and test drive the guitar that purrs like a lion after devouring its meal.

I beckon you to watch my YouTube channel as I will be reviewing the EMG 81 and 85 and giving a thorough in depth look at why they are misunderstood and a lot more awesome than they are. I’ll probably post the link in a separate post.

Anyhow; this is so awesome. It sounds so Mid and REALLY punchy. The thing can cut through mixes so easily – I am so excited to start hammering at my tunes with it again! Yes it’s a 6 string yes it’s not as functional as my 7 but damn it I’ve had it for years! There is love ; blood; sweat, tears and joy in this instrument!

It has travelled thousands of miles; seen the coasts of Canada, played on 4-5 albums, and will continue to serve me well.

I hate to sound like a poster boy for ESP Guitars but they really do age like a fine wine; and mine is getting particularly expensive.


Well hey there reader(s).

It turns out I have a beautiful new camera.

Though, I will never call myself a photographer, for fear of being loathed off of the internet from all of the actual professionals out there. But I can say I do like it when I snap a pretty picture.

And I believe everyone has the potential to do that at least once in their lives.

Here are some recent pictures I took of a bunch of musical equipment.

And finally; one of the most beautiful ladies I know.

She had gotten her hair done recently, as she works at a prominent Vancouver salon; and I wanted to capture how terribly red her hair was!