That Moment when Inspiration meets Workflow

So I have set a task for myself. I have a rehearsal at about 2 PM today. And I have a song that needs re-recording. The whole thing. An entirely new Logic file. I want to see exactly how far I can go and how fast I can go by that time. I’ll re-update this post when I’m done to see if my momentary excitement about doing this will translate into epic results. Hopefully it will do.

Live action inspiration? Wicked. Okay so not entirely live action; but perhaps word-action.


So I definitely¬†just¬†exercised my willpower. Two-three hours of recording and a lot of hard work doing MIDI to do new and improved drums for the old song. Re-recording also brings about a lot of re-learning of material. Thankfully it wasn’t too too difficult; and I almost have it fully ready. Very cool. I need a coffee break or something now though. Feeling kind of tired/feint.