Midnight Thoughts

Rarely do I have a very late-night writing session, but sometimes it’s necessary. I’ve been trying to beat a funk – a writers block for quite some time. I wrote this as I was yawning, ready to swallow 8 hours of sleep like it was the end of the world, but unfortunately it’ll just be 6 hours of sleep.

Those 6 hours will rejuvenate me and provide me with the rest I need to continue on the path of writing this E.P as best as I can.

There are very few simpler, or more beautiful, things than having a plan and following it. I look forward to sharing this release with the world.

Land of Secrets Unleashed!

The first couple of reviews are coming in, and they are seemingly only extremely positive!

“I recommend this album to anyone who loves metal adventures and exploration through the unknown. ” – http://crossingtherubiconalex.tumblr.com/

“Land of Secrets” has been self-released on the digital medium via bandcamp at paulozzmusic.bandcamp.com/

Stream the title track down below in the embedded player!

‘Land of Secrets’ releases tomorrow!

The time has finally come. Anubis has finally awakened. “Land of Secrets”, the sophomore album by Paul Ozz Music, is to be self-released digitally tomorrow on the 20th of December 2013!


Please check out the ‘Music’ page or my Bandcamp page here this time tomorrow to purchase and download my latest release!!

“Land of Secrets” Release Date Info & Single!

“Land of Secrets” is finally slated for a digital release! After three years since the first album titled “Fear the Angels”, “Land of Secrets” is a progressive metal album that sees the evolution of the style of Paul Ozz Music as well as the expression desired and communicated by the music and artwork.

The final release date and track listing for the sophomore Paul Ozz Music album is the following:

Release date: December 20th, 2013

Unbinding of Ahnu

The Figure Under the Sun

Void Eater (Single)

Plague of Jackals

The Maxim of Hassahn

Terra, the Grave

The Tearing of Atlantis


To Gaze Into a Burning Sky

Land of Secrets

Daemoness Cimmerian 7 String Review

This guitar was an absolute pleasure to play. I loved every minute of it. Check out the video below for a playthrough of my song, ‘Skygate’!