What the DEVIL are you reading Mr. O?

Well it turns out I’ve decided to start reading books again; I don’t know how I’ve found the time but obviously I must think it’s important enough of a thing to do for my mind, body; and soul. You know; I’m like any other average joe. How am I better than any other guitar player or working stiff?

That’s the thing; I’m terribly similar.

I like to think I can connect to those of you who bother to read these blogs because of that.

Sure the website looks reasonably snazzy, as I didn’t make it, but it’s just an appealing rope which I can haul you into my world of bizarre musician-ocity-isms?

Anyhow; I’m reading “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne. I have no idea who the devil she is but she has written some interesting books on how to perceive life I can say that much. This one is all about being gratuitous with your gratitude: and I’m telling you I couldn’t be happier people bother to read my blog. There is a sense of genuine folk on WordPress which is entirely different from YouTube or Facebook or Twitter which I totally dig.

This book has opened my eyes up to a lot of negativity that I seem to be lumbering around with: not in the sense that I’m a miserable depressed unhappy mother finger; but that the way I approach situations is in the negative and the way I approach, more importantly, thoughts is negative. BUT WHY?! WHY!!!!

Because as children we didn’t have those negative things going on – we had to get them stamped out of us with the hammer of social awkwardness. That being socially acceptable things to do/say/act/be. So as I’m trying to remove some of these internal dialogue awkwardness’ I’ve discovered once I started to remove them from my social and real life I came to the conclusion that people are morons.

Brash? Hardly. People love drama. They seethe and rage but have some kind of a near sexual fantasy with these incredibly over dramatic personal relationship drama situations. And it really does cause a lot of pain and problems and the biggest unfortunate thing is that it distracts from really living life. SO. It comes down to this. What the devil am I reading? A book about being a kind of more solid person. Enjoying and appreciating things more and removing the indoctrination that society has provided me with the love of the material. It’s going really great.

I got some good friends back into my life; and some bad ones out. I am on the right path once more. And I promise not to type nearly 500 words about overly interpersonal and judgemental things for at least a week.



Hello reader; just thought I’d share some photos I took of a particularly bizarre day of weather.






Natural Drama



It was beautiful and started to storm otherwise I would have gotten a rainbow! Next time.

Thoughts on Moving Forward

So as I sit here; after a long happy couple of days; I think about moving forward. It seems clear to me what I have to do and what I need to do to do such a thing; but alas my mind is growing tired as it is nearly time for me to rest. Life should be joyous. Life should be fulfilled.

The question is; what do you need to fulfill it? What kind of things bring you joy? Painting cars? Being a master of fine cheese? Perhaps making beautiful instruments? Or all of the above?

I read an article the other day that said that with every 7 years you have a new life time. I thought it was a clever hook or dodgy title to a post that might be a waste of my time; but then it was not. And it was a pleasant shock.

Supposedly it takes 7 years of hard work and effort to master something. Now; with that in mind if you live until you are 87 (ish) you can master 7 things starting at the age of ten. Something about that is horribly exciting. Something about that makes me wonder and wonder more and be curious.

Something about that tells me how I want to lead my life. Pity I won’t be able to link you the article here; you should find it yourself. It was damn well intriguing.