NIИ and the Importance of Amazing Live Shows

Hello all, this is going to be a bit of a blog post.

One of my favourite groups, or perhaps composers, is Trent Reznor in the band Nine Inch Nails. They are by far one of the most superior live acts around – because of a certain degree of enthusiasm that they have of not cheating their audience. The fee for my floor seat for their show in Vancouver was a hefty $110. The best thing about the digital age is that I can take a look at what that live show looks like – and I know personally I will not be disappointed.

I remember that one day a few years ago, one of the fan made DVDs was put on the big screen for an afternoon in Vancouver at the Pacific Cinematique and I was there with an old friend and bandmate of mine. Little did I know what I was in for.

The concert was horribly long. And horribly beautiful. There was something bizarrely resonant within the entire performance with me – this was made by fans for a band, this entire lights show was the best in the world (at the time, and in my opinion) and nobody could top this. I was feeling awful afterwards knowing I would never see NIN on stage in my life.

And then they just had to come back and bring an epic lights show with them with masterfully precise musicians and an album. Needless to say, “Came Back Haunted” has been played literally over 1000 times on my iTunes since I pre-ordered the deluxe album.

The degree of seriousness and respect NIN has for its fans, as well as for its own integrity of making a proper live spectacle, is something to aspire to and idolize. And it will be for many years. See you down in front.

Spiritual Awakenings?

It seems that I do not create art or music or extended works of creativity without the idea that the initial concept is going to be a life changing experience.

Fear the Angels was a demo; albeit a long one, but ultimately it was an experience. I did a lot of soul-searching and digging up of old histories to inspire myself into writing music that would attempt to suit those atmospheres and places I could literally only imagine.

“Land of Secrets” has turned into one of those spiritual adventures where I had begun to question where my spirituality had gone. It turns out it had morphed into several things; firstly it had played a role in ego in a way that kind of explained the way I looked at myself.

And upon further moments of personal change and development I realized that this idea of Anubis striking Earth did in fact come from a place of old imagination and fantasy. Back when we were all children we had inspired notions of the way the world and the universe was. That all got washed away through monotonous education and ‘life’. I seem to delve back into that place mentally to produce something creatively and auditory. I hope to continue to share those childlike inspired stories of sound with who ever is willing to listen.

I have had a record of 2 albums recorded a year. I hope to keep that suicide-pace/rate for a long time. Music is an unending art form. Records can be played on a loop for as long as the contraption has power enough to amplify it. There is something profoundly humbling about that.

I am infinitely grateful for those of you who do listen and appreciate the music I am trying to articulate.


New Year Proclamations

I have decreed!

Live shows are inevitable this year.

With AUROCH as well as PAUL OZZ MUSIC.

All shows are already pretty much fully booked up and are just waiting certain announcements.

Excitement builds.


Goodbye to an Old Friend





This amplifier has been a part of my arsenal for a couple of years now; some tolex has been marked, but it has not deteriorated at all in terms of quality of sound and in stability. Recently re-tubing it has turned it into an even greater demon of sorts: it has enough gain to tear down buildings but a soft purr on the clean channel when overdriven makes it comparable to any Fender amp.

But it’s time to move on and let someone else experience the magic.

If you’re interested in buying it please shoot me a message.