NIИ and the Importance of Amazing Live Shows

Hello all, this is going to be a bit of a blog post. One of my favourite groups, or perhaps composers, is Trent Reznor in the band Nine Inch Nails. They are by far one of the most superior live acts around – because of a certain degree of enthusiasm that they have of notContinue reading “NIИ and the Importance of Amazing Live Shows”

Spiritual Awakenings?

It seems that I do not create art or music or extended works of creativity without the idea that the initial concept is going to be a life changing experience. Fear the Angels was a demo; albeit a long one, but ultimately it was an experience. I did a lot of soul-searching and digging upContinue reading “Spiritual Awakenings?”

Goodbye to an Old Friend

      This amplifier has been a part of my arsenal for a couple of years now; some tolex has been marked, but it has not deteriorated at all in terms of quality of sound and in stability. Recently re-tubing it has turned it into an even greater demon of sorts: it has enoughContinue reading “Goodbye to an Old Friend”