1200+ Subscribers?!?


I’m very happy to say that I’ve broken far past the 1000 subscriber mark and have hit over 1200 SUBSCRIBERS!

I haven’t had a chance to do a video about it until now, and I thought I’d make it a little humorous as that is what gets me views I think, ultimately. I deliver information and advice at the end of the day. And through these videos, with some light humour, I attempt to make the viewer stay until the end of the video to get the most they can get from the video.

It has helped me develop as a person to be able to do these videos in confidence that a lot of people will get something out of what I’m saying. That isn’t egotistical, that is pride that I’ve developed my little mountain of videos into something kind of cool. Here’s to the future, and to you, the subscriber, the viewer, and the reader.

Updated Site(s)…

So here we are! An updated site!

First things first, there is an Instagram feed on the right sidebar now, as well as some links to my Bandcamp page at the very top (see Featured Songs).

The next thing is the Bandcamp page itself:http://www.paulozzmusic.bandcamp.com/

I updated that and have a lot of other cool things going on too.. please be sure to check out the rest of the site as some of the updates will be ongoing.

Thank you for your support.



In this year I will be going to London, Paris, and Amsterdam. I will release “Land of Secrets” under a label. I will tour Europe in the summer. And most importantly, I’ll be making and doing really cool things. That is a short list of seemingly monumental activities, but in reality it’s the every day effort that changes your life around.

Consistency¬†is key? Alright then; what’s stopping you getting a little better at something every single day? What about those days when you feel like you’ve progressed far? What about those weeks when you’ve felt like that and things add up nicely?

I have no resolution for 2013, I was doing what I intended to do in 2012. The only difference is the action. The only difference is the cleanest slate and the cleanest mind to go with it.

I welcome 2013; I will bathe in the fires of my own passion.