1200+ Subscribers?!?

  I’m very happy to say that I’ve broken far past the 1000 subscriber mark and have hit over 1200 SUBSCRIBERS! I haven’t had a chance to do a video about it until now, and I thought I’d make it a little humorous as that is what gets me views I think, ultimately. I deliverContinue reading “1200+ Subscribers?!?”


Updated Site(s)…

So here we are! An updated site! First things first, there is an Instagram feed on the right sidebar now, as well as some links to my Bandcamp page at the very top (see Featured Songs). The next thing is the Bandcamp page itself:http://www.paulozzmusic.bandcamp.com/ I updated that and have a lot of other cool thingsContinue reading “Updated Site(s)…”


In this year I will be going to London, Paris, and Amsterdam. I will release “Land of Secrets” under a label. I will tour Europe in the summer. And most importantly, I’ll be making and doing really cool things. That is a short list of seemingly monumental activities, but in reality it’s the every dayContinue reading “MMXIII”