Experimentation is Key

Yesterday was a very productive; product filled day. Got a couple of holiday gifts; and one cheap one for myself. I ended up getting Toontracks DRUM RIFFS By Matt Hallpern and I ended up writing a song entirely then and there. It took 3-4 hours and it’s basically done now.

There is something crazy about getting a new piece of equipment; or a new effect or sound: if it’s worth it’s weight in gold it will give you some nuggets of itself to you. Sounds a little weird maybe; but that’s the only analogy I could think of.

In my experimentations with photography, it makes me wish I had some more lenses to mess around with. I do love my standard zoom very much so because it has taken a lot of great shots; but I would love to toy around with some new ones. Perhaps in the new year!

In the mean time; I am deciding what piece of equipment will be worth it’s weight in gold to me right now as a gift to myself for a productive new year. Sound a bit selfish? Well; yeah. Why not though. I want to be done this album and having a bass might help. Dunno though.

Giving to yourself is important. More important than to others; though giving to others has a lot of joy. That immediate joy does go away a lot more quickly. If you work hard and earn something for yourself, so people say, you are destined to be happy. So be it.

With that I leave you with a creepy picture.



The Grand Old Gear Post

I was saying on http://www.facebook.com/paulozzmusic how I was going to be making this post regarding all of the gear that I’ll be using on the next Paul Ozz album. Realistically, I can tell you few things; as it is also dependant on the studio sitch.


I’ll be using my ESP Horizon FR-II (The Wizard) for probably most of the leads as it has a really smooth sound with the new John Petrucci pickup set; and any particularly high melody bits will probably be done on it as well.

My newly acquired ESP Horizon NT-7 (The Magician) will be doing basically ALL rhythms from the way I’ve got things set up. Its EMG 707s will just have to do for a solid rhythm tone. BUT THAT ISN’T A BAD THING.

My ENGL Thunder 50 will be going through a Marshall 1960A cabinet with a Boss NS-2 pedal through the effects loop to get rid of some very unwanted “SSSSS” and I’ll more than likely be using the effects built into Pro-Tools or Logic (depends on which exact studio I’m going into but that’s another story).

The synths and midi will be all done at home I think; at least in terms of programming until I find some better samples. The drums will be midi Superior Drummer 2.0 style with the Metal Foundry addition just to give me some more dynamic and options to change tones up. Of course Allan Heppner of Lethal Halo will be helping me out with that midi stuff cause y’know; he’s actually a drummer.

But yeah that’s the rig rundown so far. Monster cables, Marshall cabinets, ENGL heads, and ESP guitars. Pretty solid and surprisingly affordable (I mean I’m broke but still).