Pick Review Part 3: Dragon’s Heart Picks / Jim Dunlop Ultex Jazz III


These picks were a lot of fun to test out. I do especially like and have tracked with the hardest of the 3 different Dragon’s Heart picks and I found them to be quite lovely. The Ultex Jazz III is very easy for me to play with but it’s just a little bit too small on the surface area, alas. More reviews and videos coming up soon!

Also, check out that swiggity swooty new set! 😉

DiMarzio: Titan Review (Jake Bowen Signature Pickups!)


What a dream of a guitar and what fantastic pair of pickups. DiMarzio really nailed it this time, with a highly versatile and dynamic tonality from either pickup. The neck Titan felt a little lower in volume on the clean setting but the guitar wasn’t perfectly set up as I was too busy playing it to notice at first.

This video is one of my most beautiful, I think, and so I must thank Mr. Atlantis one more time for providing me with a second angle which definitely was inspiring to work with!

Caparison 7 String Tone Test!

This short little video is to appease those of my friends (and hopefully fans) that wanted to hear the Caparison Dellinger 7 FX-WM in Charcoal Black that I recently got!

I am running it direct into my ENGL Powerball MK.I which is going into a Marshall 2×12.

The microphone used to record the sound was a shotgun mic, so this is more a test of how the ENGL sounds with that microphone as well as some video effects that I wanted to test out as well! I hope you enjoy!

NGD: Caparison Dellinger 7 CB FX-WM

REALLY excited about this guitar – it sounds like everything I want it to. Through my ENGL Powerball it sounds like Itaru trapped a demon inside of this guitar. Unbelievable.

Midnight Thoughts

Rarely do I have a very late-night writing session, but sometimes it’s necessary. I’ve been trying to beat a funk – a writers block for quite some time. I wrote this as I was yawning, ready to swallow 8 hours of sleep like it was the end of the world, but unfortunately it’ll just be 6 hours of sleep.

Those 6 hours will rejuvenate me and provide me with the rest I need to continue on the path of writing this E.P as best as I can.

There are very few simpler, or more beautiful, things than having a plan and following it. I look forward to sharing this release with the world.