Caparison Horus / Dellinger 7 Review

  Caparison Guitars make instruments that are meant to be played. Their higher-end lineup of instruments isn’t for the meek – the price tags are most definitely into the custom guitar territory, but ultimately the quality is absolutely there. Imagine the Jackson custom shop instruments from the olden days, and that’s Caparison. No, really, theContinue reading “Caparison Horus / Dellinger 7 Review”


Paul Ozz – Pre-pro Demo from Upcoming E.P

This is 1 of 4 pre-production songs from my upcoming e.p titled ‘Immortalis’. All vocals in this track are done by myself. This is largely an experiment in atmospheres and the subdued use of the guitar, instead of my dramatic instrumentation used in my previous two full-length releases. I hope you enjoy.