PAUL OZZ MUSIC ANNOUNCES: “Land of Secrets: Sampler”

Available January 2013 as a purchasable ($3.00USD) or free-download E.P! Features: “Unbinding of Ahnu” “The Figure Under the Sun” “Void Eater” Release date TBA in the next two weeks. Exclusive release on the Paul Ozz Music BANDCAMP. Logo by Daniel Reyes.


Paul Ozz Music Presents: “Land of Secrets” Sampler!

This sampler is to show the world what my music has evolved into. It contains 3 songs from the 12 song album to be released early 2013. The songs are as follows: Unbinding of Ah’nu The Figure Under the Sun Void Eater (Never before released!!!) I hope you enjoy the music I have written; andContinue reading “Paul Ozz Music Presents: “Land of Secrets” Sampler!”