Airplanes + Guitars = WAT?

I made this video because I thought it would be an interesting topic to talk about. I didn’t realize my camera quality was so potato tough. iMovie settings must have crapped out. My apologies for those of you who care about potato or tomato.

I love ESP Guitars for their sturdy instruments. Surviving tours, several album recordings and airplanes = quality. Kirk Hammett said it best when he referred to his ESPs like fine wines in regards to them aging well. Love it!

What the DEVIL are you reading Mr. O?

Well it turns out I’ve decided to start reading books again; I don’t know how I’ve found the time but obviously I must think it’s important enough of a thing to do for my mind, body; and soul. You know; I’m like any other average joe. How am I better than any other guitar player or working stiff?

That’s the thing; I’m terribly similar.

I like to think I can connect to those of you who bother to read these blogs because of that.

Sure the website looks reasonably snazzy, as I didn’t make it, but it’s just an appealing rope which I can haul you into my world of bizarre musician-ocity-isms?

Anyhow; I’m reading “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne. I have no idea who the devil she is but she has written some interesting books on how to perceive life I can say that much. This one is all about being gratuitous with your gratitude: and I’m telling you I couldn’t be happier people bother to read my blog. There is a sense of genuine folk on WordPress which is entirely different from YouTube or Facebook or Twitter which I totally dig.

This book has opened my eyes up to a lot of negativity that I seem to be lumbering around with: not in the sense that I’m a miserable depressed unhappy mother finger; but that the way I approach situations is in the negative and the way I approach, more importantly, thoughts is negative. BUT WHY?! WHY!!!!

Because as children we didn’t have those negative things going on – we had to get them stamped out of us with the hammer of social awkwardness. That being socially acceptable things to do/say/act/be. So as I’m trying to remove some of these internal dialogue awkwardness’ I’ve discovered once I started to remove them from my social and real life I came to the conclusion that people are morons.

Brash? Hardly. People love drama. They seethe and rage but have some kind of a near sexual fantasy with these incredibly over dramatic personal relationship drama situations. And it really does cause a lot of pain and problems and the biggest unfortunate thing is that it distracts from really living life. SO. It comes down to this. What the devil am I reading? A book about being a kind of more solid person. Enjoying and appreciating things more and removing the indoctrination that society has provided me with the love of the material. It’s going really great.

I got some good friends back into my life; and some bad ones out. I am on the right path once more. And I promise not to type nearly 500 words about overly interpersonal and judgemental things for at least a week.



My life has seemingly become one very large balancing act. On one hand; I have a lot of work to do on my album. A lot of work does get done; simply because it is something I am passionate about and I have a lot of finishing up to do on it. I’m not even mentioning the fact that there are about 4-5 more phases to go through after I am finished writing this album.

Alas; not all of my time can be spent on the songs. I wish I had one more hour every single day so that I could work on them.

Hold on; one more hour?

What if I just went to bed an hour later? Or woke up an hour earlier? Hmmmmm?

Interesting concept, isn’t it? That’s what successful people do. They keep working hard at what they love so that they can keep moving forward. I remember thinking back to myself a few weeks ago; “Wow, imagine if I didn’t wake up at 6 today. Where would my head be at? What would I be doing at this time? Brushing my teeth?” that day I finished an entire song in solid swoop, or sweep for you guitar enthusiasts.

So just some food for though. I go through a lot of processes which makes songwriting very elaborate and difficult, much as anyone does to refine their work or art. My point is to do what you love to do, and to do it a lot. Get as much as you can out of it.

Today I spent an hour and a half and I got through an entire new musical piece. By new I mean I produced it from what it originally was; but that’s semantics. The point is I kicked a lot of ass. I was testing out a new work principal of 50/10: 50 minutes of work, 10 minutes of rest. But I ended up going hard for one and a half hours straight and only now have I stopped to blog and to eat some nasty little 59c noodles.

Oh well.

Off I go.

The Unnecessary Internet

Well this is going to be a quick but hopefully insightful little blog post.

I’ve recently gone through a lot of turmoil. Personally, professionally, mentally, emotionally, and most recently physically. In a kind of weird way it has been really awesome despite being very painful. And yes that goes for mentally, emotionally, and physically. Especially professionally however.

Thinking upon ones craft in a third person point of view really begins to open up the perspectives of what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. Now that might sound like common sense, but when was the last time you did that? I know for me I wasn’t as self-aware as I am now, so for me it was quite intriguing.

I realized that I love Arabic music, and that bizarre foreign percussion and stringed instruments reverberate with me on a very meditative and personal level. I suppose it directly translates onto the guitar, as the eastern scales are my favorite. This insight lead me to write a few songs that have nothing to do with those scales – as to prove to myself that the music I was creating was not one dimensional. Cause that would really stink. Even though, however, I feel like I’m re-writing the same song and trying to make it better every single time.

And then it hit me – of course I am! I’m writing and writing and honing and going on and on to try and get to perfection: much like the fractal of water freezing in nature. I say that because the fractals are all so glorious and beautiful and each one tries so hard to be so perfect. You could say that they are all beautiful and perfect in their own way, but in terms of people, we are aware of ourselves and never give ourselves enough credit.

Okay okay, so you’ve read 300 words, and not one mention of the internet. Here goes. None of the changes in my life would have happened sans the internet. But they wouldn’t have happened without having the ability to let go of it either. Reddit, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media are so ridiculously time-wasting that you could spend most of a years worth of time on them instead of your own craft.

And then you have to ask yourself – where would I be had I ditched Facebook and all those other distractive websites? Probably a few thousand hours ahead of where you are right now. It’s all about effort, right? And if you put in a lot of effort, usually you see results? Well what are you doing reading my blog? The only time you have in your life is right now and you could be doing better things than going back to that website about cats or otherwise.

The point of this blog post is to make you the reader a little bit enthusiastic about your life and goals in your life. I know for me personally – I literally spent over 12 hours recording, arranging, mixing, mastering, and demoing two songs. Two! My workflow is impeccable for my setup, and my mixing is to the point where I am able to make very high quality demos. I turned off the side of me that needed social attention and I just worked. And it isn’t even work because it’s something that I love to do! I was just playing around in Logic. Creating music. Creating the next album in my canon.

Instead of thinking about working on it, I worked on it. The results I got were quite impressive. I’ll probably release the song in the coming weeks once I’m fully satisfied, but so far? I have about 5 out of 12 done. And over 30-40 minutes of material ready to go.

I hope you begin to see results like I do. It’s marvellous how intuitive we can be as creatures of the cosmos, and how down in the dumps we can make ourselves get.