Writing Melodies on the Electric Guitar

I can’t stress how important this concept of melody writing is. I cannot stress enough how amazing it is to write a song in 5 minutes with this technique and then develop it into something more. For the musicians out there, please check this out. It will greatly add to your repertoire and make rehearsingContinue reading “Writing Melodies on the Electric Guitar”


AUROCH – From Forgotten Worlds (Solo) Video

This is one of a few solos that I wrote for the debut record from my band AUROCH (http://auroch1.bandcamp.com/) I did another one in the song titled “TERRA AKELDAMA” which was actually a one take in the studio! It was so strong that we decided to just keep it and move forward. It was aContinue reading “AUROCH – From Forgotten Worlds (Solo) Video”

Experimentation is Key

Yesterday was a very productive; product filled day. Got a couple of holiday gifts; and one cheap one for myself. I ended up getting Toontracks DRUM RIFFS By Matt Hallpern and I ended up writing a song entirely then and there. It took 3-4 hours and it’s basically done now. There is something crazy aboutContinue reading “Experimentation is Key”

A Good Way to Wake The Funk Up

I always like to start my morning very cold. Cold as in temperature; being nice and cold so that I have to force myself to get up and close the window a little. Because at 6:21 in the AM in November, the sun isn’t even out yet, and the temperature gets quite quite cool. IContinue reading “A Good Way to Wake The Funk Up”