Guitar Zen: More Thoughts about Creation & Money in Music

I really wish this video had gotten the views I think it deserves. Does that sound egotistical? Yep, but wait, there’s more! It isn’t really about the views, to me it’s about the message. Perhaps I didn’t package it as well as I could have. I find that talking deadpan to a camera is reallyContinue reading “Guitar Zen: More Thoughts about Creation & Money in Music”


Gibson 1983 SG in Wine Red

This is my 1983 Gibson SG. I traded my old ESP Horizon NT-7 for it, as I was looking for something that was more appropriate to play country and blues music. It was a direct trade which was fantastic, and actually the pictures in this post are a little outdated. I have switched out theContinue reading “Gibson 1983 SG in Wine Red”

Black Water Guitars Custom 6 String Review

I really adore this guitar. Pardon the clipping, it seems the output was just a touch too hot! There aren’t enough words to describe the master luthier that Aaron Brown of BWGC is becoming. Just wonderful.