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Demimonde (2017)
Demimonde (2017)
Land of Secrets (2013)
Land of Secrets (2013)
Void Eater (2013)
Void Eater (2013)
Fear the Angels (2011)
Fear the Angels (2011)

Temple of Shred / Guitarist Mentorship Program

On top of being a musician, I run a Guitar Video Lesson website called Temple of Shred. Click through to see 8 string guitar lessons and more!

The Paul Ozz Guitarist Mentorship Program is currently accepting new students for Spring 2020!

Here is a list of a few things you’re going to need:

  1. Webcam and Microphone
  2. Solid Internet connection
  3. Zoom account (Free video conferencing program)
  4. Metronome
  5. GuitarPro / TuxGuitarWe start off by arranging a student interview to determine what your specific wants and needs are on the guitar.

    The sessions are 55 minutes, and the rate is $75 (USD) per session.

    Mentorship Program students are expected to have the availability for a minimum of two sessions per month, so that consistency and progress can be built up and built upon.

    Payment is expected up front, via PayPal, before the start of the session.

    Mentorship sessions take place on Fridays from 10:00AM PST to 5:00PM PST, as well as Saturdays and Sundays, from 10:00AM PST until 6:00PM PST. Times are inclusive.

    There is a minimum of 48 hours notice required for cancellation.

    If you need to cancel, we will reschedule for an appropriate time in the next week, or in certain circumstances the next day schedule permitting.

    Mentorship Program FAQ

    How is this program any different from any other learning program?

    We go through the motions of getting to know each other, and every single need or want you could have when it comes to the guitar. Every single student gets hyper-personalized lessons. It’s an extraordinarily effective way to create progress on the guitar. The teaching is not from my style or from my background necessarily, it’s about what you want to get out of the instrument

    $75USD per session is steep. Why is it so expensive?

    Because the sessions are so individualized, the time it takes to cater to every student’s needs on my end is substantially more challenging than regular guitar lessons. That being said, students are expected to ‘ante up’ so to speak, and to be diligent with their guitar practice. Real progress comes from making a true commitment to your practicing.

    How does it work?

    We start off by setting up an appointment for a student interview to meet and discuss wants and needs on the guitar. After that, we schedule the first session together using Zoom, which is a free video conferencing application. Zoom also allows students to record the session; which is super beneficial in case the session is very information heavy. After we schedule the first lesson, the student then pays for the upcoming session and we go from there.

    I’m not a shredder like you, how would your lessons help me?

    Whether you are predominantly a rhythm player, metal player, funk player, classic rock player or otherwise, I have helped someone like you. If you want to become a shredder? I can most certainly help. If you want to song-write better? I have methods for that that are very personalized to the music you want to write. If you want to understand what it takes to make music a career, and want a guiding hand? I can help as I have literally lived that path. What ever your question, please feel free to contact me directly for an e-mail consultation.

Session Work / Video Reviews

Guitar Solos

My rate for guest solos is $250USD.

The price includes 3 revisions as well, as I do believe in serving your vision and your song as well as I can.

You can expect a 2-3 week lead time depending upon availability.

I have my own home studio in which I record my music, and use a Kemper Profiler / Neural DSP Suite(s) which allows me to give you DI, dry, and effected version of the solo so that you can edit it in in any way you could possibly want in the final studio mixing and mastering sessions.

In this way your band could be on the other side of the planet and could still receive a very high quality solo from yours truly without having to deal with any kind of other recording studio or any of the issues inherent in flying someone out to do a solo.

Please use the Contact form on my website to get in touch with me.

Guitar Gear Related Video Reviews

I have spent many years on YouTube cultivating an audience that knows my brand and who I am: a trustworthy, slightly excited and talkative chap who plays the guitar with great enthusiasm and love. As such, my video reviews convert many of my audience to real world sales for companies, because my audience knows me to be fully honest. I have reviewed guitar pedals and guitars alike, with amplifiers being a new focus for me going into this year and beyond.

My YouTube Video rates are as follows:

Video Demo of Product: $175USD
Video Review of Product: $250USD

Video AND Demo of Product: $350USD

The idea behind having a Demo of a product is for brand and product exposure – I create brand new music, or use some original music with the product to showcase it’s utility in the real world of a working musician.

It is why some of my demo video’s have a ton more views than even reviews – they show what the product can do in a real mix!

Reviews have been a staple of the industry for years and as such I have also steadily been developing my reviewing style for years.

Again, I have been cultivating my audience for years in a manner that is honest and direct and that converts to real world sales very regularly. I am proud of what I have been able to accomplish with my YouTube channel thus far, and my rates are very competitive in comparison to many others, whilst my video quality is in the upper tier of professional YouTuber’s.

Do you have an idea for a review or a demo?

Send me an e-mail through my Contact form and let’s get started!