My Guitar Mentorship Program is currently accepting new students!

Here is a list of a few things you’re going to need before contacting me.

  1. Webcam and Microphone
  2. SOLID internet connection
  3. Discord Account
  4. Metronome (you can use an online one if you do not have a physical one)
  5. GuitarPro or TuxGuitar or a .pdf viewing application

Once you are ready, we will start by arranging a student interview to determine what your specific needs are on the guitar, as well as schedule the first session.

My teaching schedule is from Saturday to Sunday, from 10:00AM PST until 6:00PM PST.

My current rates are as follows:

Guitar Mentorship & Musical Development: $50USD Per Hour

I usually expect Mentorship Program students to take a minimum of two sessions in a month, otherwise the time and money investment simply isn’t worth it for the student.

Lessons are to be paid for up front via PayPal before the booked lesson starts.

I require a minimum of 48 hours notice for cancellation.

If you have cancelled on time, we will reschedule for an appropriate time the next week, or in certain circumstances the next day; schedule permitting.


How is this any different from any other guitar teacher?

I go through the motions of getting to know each and every student and cater to every single need or want they could have when it comes to the guitar. I am not teaching out of a book! Every single student gets personalized lessons. It’s the most effective way to learn, as far as I am concerned!

$50USD per session is steep. Why is it so expensive?

Because the lessons are so individualized, the time it takes to cater to every mentee’s needs on my end is substantially more than just regular guitar lessons. That being said, I also expect my students to ante up so to speak and be very diligent with their practice.

How does it work?

We start off by setting up an appointment for a student interview to meet and discuss wants and needs on the guitar. After that, iwe schedule a session together using Zoom, which is a free video conferencing application. I used to use Skype, but Zoom has better bandwidth and audio quality. Zoom also allows students to record the session; which is super beneficial! After we book a lesson, the student then pays for the upcoming session and we take it from there! Easy peasy!

I’m not a shredder like you, how would your lessons help me?

Whether you are predominantly a rhythm player, metal player, funk player, classic rock player or otherwise, I have helped someone like you. I have spent a good 5 and a half years teaching people from all walks of life and have developed great strategies to bring a lot more enjoyment and zest into ones playing. If you want to become a shredder? I can help. If you want to songwrite better? I can help. If you want to understand what it takes to make music a career, and want a guiding hand? I can help!

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