The Next Paul Ozz Album

(x-post from Facebook)

The concept for the next Paul Ozz album is to complete the initial concept of “Fear the Angels”.

Not much help? Well to confuse you even more, the name of my next album is going to be яростен Анубис.

Don’t speak Bulgarian?

No problem. It roughly means “Wrathful Anubis”. The ‘angel’ on the cover of Fear the Angels? A mask. Simply an aspect of a god returning to his throne on the blue marble. This project will be between about 12-16 songs long in varying descriptive genres. I hope you are excited. I am.


The 12-16 songs are going to be varying genres: and to elaborate; that means from classical sounding pieces to djent (WE ALL RIP OFF MESHUGGAH!) . From djent to progressive metal. From progressive metal to Joe Satriani-esque stylized melodic and harmonic sounding guitar tracks. Travelling through space requires a pretty epic soundtrack, so there is going to be some major Devin Townsend influence in there too along with Periphery sounding harmonies (they just are sho cool). This is to be a huge undertaking on the artwork side as well as I am going to be getting between 4-6 pieces of original art for this album and it’s just going to be a supreme deluxe package of jawesome. That’s the plan at least.

Of course with having 12-16 songs on an album that means it’s going to be a dual CD release which means the release of it physically is going to be on a fold out digipak with all the artwork in its glory. I can tell you now the music is still very early in the writing process but the ideas are all there it’s just going to take some time to steve vai them together and enhance some of the double kick to hoglan levels of carnage. And halperning the snare like a beast.

I maintain – I hope you’re excited. Because I am.

This is my biggest undertaking as a musician. I’m 20 years old and this is my juice. Join me in an adventure to span the pretentiously large intergalactic void of our small cosmic cubbie hole known as the milky way.


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