Paul Ozz 2012 Team!


I’ve just got back from being on tour with AUROCH hence no posts in a while, but here we are, and there you are reading this post.

So; so far I have quite a few people working on this next album with me. I have Allan Heppner from Lethal Halo, Doomsday Machine, and several other projects, that will be helping me out with the drum arrangements. I will also have long time friend Ben Terry who will be a co-producer once more for me.

A very cool up and coming and genuinely awesome guy Aman Brar will handle mixing duties on this one, and of course Daniel Reyes as the artist for all of the artwork.

I am hoping to go through Keith Merrow for the mastering of the album, and last but not least a very slick and jawesome bass player called Shareef Cliff Addo from the band Aviations out east in Boston; to help with all bass duties. That’s the list so far.

Currently I am thinking out the song titles and arrangements for the album; as it isn’t fully written yet, but let me tell ya there are some RIFFS on this one. It is a very accurate description of me at my current musical state as well as a large evolution from my first album “Fear the Angels”. I’ll be done writing soon, and then after that going through the producers opinion of the songs to bring the final arrangements into light and from there we get recording.

The general idea for the release date will be end of 2012 but that might change depending on availability, time money etc. Hopefully there will be some cool demos out there soon though as I really want to start showing all of you folk what in the devil I’ve been doing for the last couple of years – even before I was done Fear the Angels.



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