Inspiration and Atmospherics

Dear reader.

This will not in fact be a long-winded post regarding how inspired I am and how you are lame and should get inspired yourself. This is in fact; how to get inspired.

Often I ask myself how did I get that feeling of inspiration; where I hear every single note I want to play next and every single note I don’t want to play next. And the answer is simple. Atmospherical inspirational devices, such as the weather or common daily life. Video games, posters, art, movies, etc. Of course, everyone in the business of making emotionally charged music uses those things and ever more devices in order to give their music actual emotional weight.

I for one have a few favorite things I like to draw upon. And by favorite I don’t mean what flavour ice cream I love, or what favorite color I have. What I mean by favorite inspirational device is something that when I come back to it after some time gives me the same emotional energy and charge that it did the first time.

Musically that would be the artist Ihsahn who used to be in arguably the best black metal band of all time. Beyond that? Inspiration and ideas from the ever mysterious ancient Egyptian religion of polytheistic ideals. Again; etcetera, as this can never be a fully complete list.

Beyond those things there are still but a few things I deem acceptable ‘favorite’ items or items of discussion I have for stimulating my inspiration. Often times I catch myself listening to a piece of music I can really dig into emotionally and I find that if I can do that with that one piece of music – if I can find it with a piece of music I previously deemed ridiculous or silly? I have made my musical journey for the day. Such a case recently happened whilst listening to the power metal band Kamelot.

I love me some operatic vocals; and Roy Khan was probably the most incredible vocalist I have heard since I heard him singing about a ghostly ghastly opera. I thought; at first, that he was a cheesy lame singer and vocalist. And after listening to an old favorite group of mine, namely Metallica, I decided to give it another shot and to try my best to find something to love about the music. And I did. And Kamelot became one of my instant favorites.
And as such; I discovered the power of thinking about inspiration as something to seek rather than be as a lightning strike and strike only once in a blue moon in a climate where I get to hear so much music so often. I say that because YouTube really has become an avenue to discover new music in and has provided me with a lot of favorites ever since its inception and its full album uploads which get ripped down over time.

Anyhow – the point I am trying to reach with this post and with this idea is that “Dude, get inspired. It’s so simple. Just give a shit or two.” And perhaps you don’t agree with my use of cursing but in all actuality and reality of the situation if you aren’t inspired and you are an artist you should be focusing on what heals you and what makes you inspired. We all have our problems and our place and our mental instabilities. It isn’t that difficult to make those things turn around and to be better.

I know a few musicians who are far more talented than I ever could be; but do things to themselves which are effectively self destructive. They don’t need inspiration: because they leak it from their very essence. And it’s the most pitiful and sad thing I’ve ever had to bear witness to.

I’d like to close with a little story about a friend of mine.

This friend of mine is abusing substances that he shouldn’t be and he knows he shouldn’t be. His lifestyle choices are incredible negative upon his wellbeing and could alter the course of the rest of his life in a very permanent way if he doesn’t stop. Is it up to me as to if he is successful or not? Not at all. Everyone is entitled to do what they please and reap the benefit, or the negative aspects of their decision.

The issue is he is a genius and he doesn’t realize it. As a friend for a long time to this person; I know that they know this. But they are afraid of aspiring to be the person that they should be and are instead not true to themselves as they should be.

Don’t be that person. And don’t be uninspired. You have a miracle of a brain that can do a million; trillion things. Don’t be silly and not use it – use it. Everyone has the potential to be great. Don’t be down on yourself. Don’t let naysayers get to you – they aren’t worth the time.

I hope this helps someone.


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