There is no better way to start the day than with a solid amount of exercise; and extreme brutal Russian slam Death Metal.

This music is not only stupidly vicious; brutal, and assailing to the ears, but it was made quite nicely! How horrifying! Well made Death Metal? To the uneducated ear, an abrasive disgusting music, but to someone who appreciates fine production work on an album, you still don’t need to be a wizard to understand these guys are onto something. Horror and hard music. What a FANTASTIC combination?!

That’s why I play live with a Lovecraftian Technical Blackened Death Metal band called AUROCH. I even helped out on the record with some 7 string duties!

Exciting stuff. Extortionate and destructive riffs. It feeds a dark part of the mind; the one that wants ‘blood’. There is something deeply primal and again; cathartic when one plays such harsh music live.

I think it’s the insinuation of fear and the catatonia that primal fear invokes that true showmanship is able to enunciate in a live setting; at least in terms of metal.


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