A Good Way to Wake The Funk Up

I always like to start my morning very cold. Cold as in temperature; being nice and cold so that I have to force myself to get up and close the window a little. Because at 6:21 in the AM in November, the sun isn’t even out yet, and the temperature gets quite quite cool.

I then proceed to make the pot of coffee, brush my teeth and comb my beard and what ever nonsense and then the really exciting thing happens.

I put on some tunes.

This morning it was Chimp Spanners “Terminus” parts I-III. Why haven’t I checked out this music earlier? That was the first thought. Second, why doesn’t this have vocals? And then it hit me. Dudes are like me! Instrumental artist!

The idea of this style of wakeup is to immediately allow for some inspiration and some creativity to start thriving. I have a list of rainy day bands to get into when I need to just dissolve into nothing but a listener. Opeth is on that list if you can believe it; Death was on that list, Nevermore too.

Anyhow I’m just trying to give you a nifty neat little anecdote to get inspired pretty easily and harmlessly – OHHH SHIT THE SONG JUST GOT SO EPIC AND HUGE!!!! Total stokefest now.

Ok so today I work on completing more of “Land of Secrets”. The 3rd song got to a really great place last night, and I hope to finish that one today and make the 4th one the single-type track but really heavy as nails. The point is to capture the impossibility of the notion that “He Enters the Blood and Sand”. Whoaconcepts. <- Intentional.


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