How to Complete an Album


Well that’s the blunt way to put it. The long-winded way to put it would be to put as much time and effort into it as you can so that you don’t feel guilty about living your life.

WHOA HOLD ON THERE that couldn’t possibly be negativity could it?! Well it is. And that’s lame. Nah; I worked a lot on the tunes today. I’m really satisfied with where No. 3 has gotten to and I actually feel really sleepy.

I did barely any recording; more like programming and incessant MIDI-work. Oh and far too much mixing. So far so great – it sounds really huge and epic like the other songs but it has a more old school Paul Ozz vibe with a lot of the melodies being carried by the choir this time round. As well; the ending section is a hilariously calm and jazzy rest from about 15 minutes of speedy wheedly-wheedly (a break from all the heavy metal for all you fogeys of the golden ages).

Naw dawg – it’s really awesome. It has a huge gothic vibe at the end mixed with a modernist jazz element. The only thing really lacking is the pitter patter of a ride cymbal.. hmm.. back to work!


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