The Poison-Tipped point of Lying

So I heard a ridiculous story involving ridiculous characters and ridiculous circumstances. All because of one person being false. Constantly false. Incessantly false. It was hilarious. I won’t be naming any names; only that the whole story was so ridiculous it was nearly unbelievable. The problem was that it was true.

The point as to why people lie? Motivations, causes? Usually selfish. Usually money or personal gain or to cover someones ass because they were asked to. What does this untruthfulness tend to do? Break things.

Take; for example, your typical relationship. The good ol’ man and woman. Or even man and man. Or woman and woman. Or koala bear and koala bear. You get the picture.

Lying affects us all equally. It hurts when someone lies. And if it’s for something stupid; then why was there a lie in the first place? Fear. Of what? Can’t pay rent? Can’t do this? Can’t do that? But you can lie and make up a story. But you can go through the effort of hurting someone. So long as you don’t hurt yourself. But really, you are hurting yourself when you damage that relationship. At least most of the time.

Just some thoughts.


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