Nearing Completion

I’m very happy to say that the album “Land of Secrets” is nearing completion!

I just finished another song who’s demo name was “ABOMINATION WRATH!” But it has nothing to do with abominations or wrath. It’s more of an upbeat potential single song. That’s right folks; a SINGLE. Perhaps. It’s a largely contrasting song to the rest of the material but that’s totally fine because it still has a lot of atmosphere – just in a different way!

If you have read my blog you can see all about atmospherics and finding moments – and I think I get both of those with this song. It makes me really excited. In the guitarpick.

Listening back over to the song; it seems really natural and evident to me. As if I was just filling in the spaces in the recording and letting it flow. The mix is probably one of my best too; the bass sounds huge and the guitars sound just right. It only took a cuppa hours but tis done. A long time in the making.

I hope to share it with you all very soon 🙂


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