Thoughts on Moving Forward

So as I sit here; after a long happy couple of days; I think about moving forward. It seems clear to me what I have to do and what I need to do to do such a thing; but alas my mind is growing tired as it is nearly time for me to rest. Life should be joyous. Life should be fulfilled.

The question is; what do you need to fulfill it? What kind of things bring you joy? Painting cars? Being a master of fine cheese? Perhaps making beautiful instruments? Or all of the above?

I read an article the other day that said that with every 7 years you have a new life time. I thought it was a clever hook or dodgy title to a post that might be a waste of my time; but then it was not. And it was a pleasant shock.

Supposedly it takes 7 years of hard work and effort to master something. Now; with that in mind if you live until you are 87 (ish) you can master 7 things starting at the age of ten. Something about that is horribly exciting. Something about that makes me wonder and wonder more and be curious.

Something about that tells me how I want to lead my life. Pity I won’t be able to link you the article here; you should find it yourself. It was damn well intriguing.



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