Experimentation is Key

Yesterday was a very productive; product filled day. Got a couple of holiday gifts; and one cheap one for myself. I ended up getting Toontracks DRUM RIFFS By Matt Hallpern and I ended up writing a song entirely then and there. It took 3-4 hours and it’s basically done now.

There is something crazy about getting a new piece of equipment; or a new effect or sound: if it’s worth it’s weight in gold it will give you some nuggets of itself to you. Sounds a little weird maybe; but that’s the only analogy I could think of.

In my experimentations with photography, it makes me wish I had some more lenses to mess around with. I do love my standard zoom very much so because it has taken a lot of great shots; but I would love to toy around with some new ones. Perhaps in the new year!

In the mean time; I am deciding what piece of equipment will be worth it’s weight in gold to me right now as a gift to myself for a productive new year. Sound a bit selfish? Well; yeah. Why not though. I want to be done this album and having a bass might help. Dunno though.

Giving to yourself is important. More important than to others; though giving to others has a lot of joy. That immediate joy does go away a lot more quickly. If you work hard and earn something for yourself, so people say, you are destined to be happy. So be it.

With that I leave you with a creepy picture.




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