I’ve been working so hard on my album and on the material I have been neglecting a lot of other things. Thankfully my friends and family are kind of understanding about it and don’t get upset with me too much for telling them to bugger off when I’m busy.

But really it’s not anyones place to bother anyone else whilst they strive for perfection; is it?  How annoying is it to be pestered by text or by family whilst actually trying to accomplish something? The eternal, gluttonous; selfishness of distraction. People don’t want other people to be successful; because they are jealous they aren’t doing something productive. It makes me sick. It makes me lose faith in humanity. Fortunately for me though? There is duct tape; and an off-switch to my phone.

I have 10 or so demos with the final number being 12 almost ready for recording in a studio environment. This news comes with a hefty price; as the mixing and mastering and even recording of this record is going to be a lot more substantial than before. I welcome the challenge. I am going to make the best album I can make. And I hope to shatter minds and all of that good stuff.

I will return to YouTube soon.



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