What the DEVIL are you reading Mr. O?

Well it turns out I’ve decided to start reading books again; I don’t know how I’ve found the time but obviously I must think it’s important enough of a thing to do for my mind, body; and soul. You know; I’m like any other average joe. How am I better than any other guitar player or working stiff?

That’s the thing; I’m terribly similar.

I like to think I can connect to those of you who bother to read these blogs because of that.

Sure the website looks reasonably snazzy, as I didn’t make it, but it’s just an appealing rope which I can haul you into my world of bizarre musician-ocity-isms?

Anyhow; I’m reading “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne. I have no idea who the devil she is but she has written some interesting books on how to perceive life I can say that much. This one is all about being gratuitous with your gratitude: and I’m telling you I couldn’t be happier people bother to read my blog. There is a sense of genuine folk on WordPress which is entirely different from YouTube or Facebook or Twitter which I totally dig.

This book has opened my eyes up to a lot of negativity that I seem to be lumbering around with: not in the sense that I’m a miserable depressed unhappy mother finger; but that the way I approach situations is in the negative and the way I approach, more importantly, thoughts is negative. BUT WHY?! WHY!!!!

Because as children we didn’t have those negative things going on – we had to get them stamped out of us with the hammer of social awkwardness. That being socially acceptable things to do/say/act/be. So as I’m trying to remove some of these internal dialogue awkwardness’ I’ve discovered once I started to remove them from my social and real life I came to the conclusion that people are morons.

Brash? Hardly. People love drama. They seethe and rage but have some kind of a near sexual fantasy with these incredibly over dramatic personal relationship drama situations. And it really does cause a lot of pain and problems and the biggest unfortunate thing is that it distracts from really living life. SO. It comes down to this. What the devil am I reading? A book about being a kind of more solid person. Enjoying and appreciating things more and removing the indoctrination that society has provided me with the love of the material. It’s going really great.

I got some good friends back into my life; and some bad ones out. I am on the right path once more. And I promise not to type nearly 500 words about overly interpersonal and judgemental things for at least a week.



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