The Power of Doing

It turns out anyone can do anything they ever wanted; according to the idea that if you live for 87 years and you start at about 10 years old you can do 7 different things (so long as it takes 7 years to master one thing.  Isn’t that impressive? Doesn’t that show immense awesomenessocity?!

Yes that isn’t a word but don’t argue over the semantics: the idea that you could master something in 7 years to me is profound. I’ve decided; recently, to master playing my instrument. I’ve begun a VERY difficult regiment of practice; as well as learning. So far so good – my abilities grow each and every time I do practice. The ability for me to see the difference is sometimes hindered because it takes time to develop ability and technique but by the end of a week or two I had begun to see my results.

My picking hand coordination as well as my fretting hand has gotten a bit more precise, a bit more articulate, and a bit more meaningful. The ideas pertaining to melody creation are coming together for the last few songs left on my album “Land of Secrets” and truly it is monumental: the amount of work being poured into this album is the most I have ever put into anything that is an an artistic creation. I greatly look forward to sharing it.

Currently I am working on a song entitled “He Enters the Blood and Sand”. It is about how the evil chaotic character Ahnu begins to rip peoples souls from their physical selves in order to create his personal ascension more powerful – as to be more formidable and godly. It’s so far really heavy – and I can see it being one of the longer songs. Alas; a lot of work is going into it. So far so good. Check back soon.



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