So ever since I started reading this book “The Magic” I’ve become a lot more grateful. As expected; the books chapters contain daily ‘rituals’ for being grateful as it’s premise is that being more grateful will only bring you more of what you are grateful for; or at least a lot of positivity.

Well since I started using it and started literally feeling how grateful I am; a lot has changed. A lot of confidence has started to build up. A lot of personal promises have been kept; and a lot of change has happened in my relationships and in my confidence with money. I have a very small sum of money; according to society, but man is it going to bring me a lot of changes that I am really happy to say will be only amazing ones.

I am grateful for it. I am grateful for what it will bring me and what my resources have given me in the first place. I can only go up and up from here with it. Partly is of course because I know where to invest it, but the other part is knowing that it is going to actually cause positivity. There is something really heart warming about knowing that you are going to do something positive with something physical in a way that will provide happiness – it’s this endless circle of joy. I love it.

I implore you to try it out. Take 20 minutes a day and think about things you are grateful for, and really feel it. Think about your relationships and your monetary situation or your career and just be grateful for where you’ve gotten yourself. A pat on the back can go a long way to helping confidence issues and bringing about a lot of extra joy you didn’t realize you could tap into.

Especially around this holiday season I am beginning to feel the happiness of family whereas usually people think hanging out with the fam-jam is a very boring and potentially hazardous situation or thought. I love it. I have a very small family but we get along just fine. We have never been super wealthy in the eyes of big pay-checks but we certainly do have each other. What more could you ask for other than for good health and to be actually happy with your life?

When one starts to focus on the ‘don’t-haves’ and the negative aspects of their lives they usually NEVER think about the positive aspects of those negatives. I know for me my current situation financially won’t bring me an apartment of my own, but I don’t let it get me down. I am thankful for knowing where I want to be, and what apartment I do want so that when I get it I am that much more grateful. But to even think of such pleasant thoughts and bring those endorphines in is ALSO something to be grateful for – getting the picture?

Just be grateful. It’s not that hard. As Devin Townsend has said in one of his songs “Laugh, love, live, learn.” Take the high road.




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