Collaboration & Co-Creation

So many things that are exciting are happening in my life right now. I could sit here and whine about some negative things or things that I wish would happen but aren’t – but instead I have chosen the path of the champion. By being grateful and thankful for my blessings: in whichever sizes they come in. I received some cash the other day – that is always welcome! How much was it? It was a gift in itself to receive it, therefore the amount in itself is always an added bonus. Start thinking of things as blessings and you can begin to see the beauty in life.

I bring up Collab and Co-Creating things simply because a lot of that seems to be going on in my life. And that’s how dreams come true. So really, the reclusive and the people who aren’t very responsive to their environments or their lack of changing environments suffer the most because they remove themselves from the opportunity to make something really cool.

And that’s just what is happening with me right now. Several projects all at the same time. Several people wanting my attention asking me for help as well as people that want to work with me that intellectually and personally inspire. I’m a normal human being like everyone else, but man, some ideas that come together due to the collaboration between seemingly normal folk really begin to shoot into these ideas that are just astronomically genius. It makes me really proud. I have a team coming together. Music is coming together.

As ASAP Rocky says, Extraordinary Swag. In my case, this is in the vein of amazing ideas and amazing people coming together in my life. Useful acquaintances and good friends.

Be happy.

Be grateful.

Drink some water.

Get playful.



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