My Guitar Picks

This isn’t simply a post that is about guitars, and my favourite ones (that list couldn’t simply be condensed into one post anyhow).

No no, this is a post about guitar picks.

Now, usually, I go with the idea that if it’s comfortable to you, then you stick to that one guitar pick. But once I started entering the studio and working on albums with people, I realized that I wanted different things tonally from my playing and I could never really identify what it was.

And then I realized the easiest and most logical solution: guitar picks.

Guitar picks allow us to have a very different attack and approach to playing our instrument. Depending on how we approach the string, as well as how comfortable our picking hand is, and the size of our thumb, and how we pick, we can completely change the feel we have in terms of applying ourselves to the instrument.

Let me explain, when you have a big pick most of the time it feels really stable and not very malleable such as a thinner pick (under 1.00mm).

Thinner picks have the dynamic quality of feeling ‘snappier’ as well as more loose. Thick picks allow absolute control, depending on the actual shape of the pick.

These dynamics help to shape how we play our instrument, and that is why I have done a video review of my favourite guitar picks.

Later tonight it will be uploaded for your viewing pleasure. I talk about some popular, as well as some absolutely unknown guitar picks. And the differences are staggering.


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