Regarding New Music

Well hello there it looks like I’m going to do two posts today.


I just got a sweet new iMac computer and will have to start reinstalling Superior Drummer and Logic and all of those other goody good good awesome programs so that I can continue writing and tracking! But in the mean time whilst I have been waiting I did end up recording an intro for the album which will probably be called “Summon the Master!” So let me see that makes two confirmed titles for the next Paul Ozz album now. The Maxim of Hassan being the other one.

I do have some cool news though despite writing a new intro which I think will end up sounding deadly.

A demo I wrote for the album will be put through the testing ringer; so to speak, and I have decided it will end up being brought to full production quality with my engineer Aman Brar and Ben Terry before any other song just to see how it will all sound. It’ll be a pre-album demo; and I’ll definitely make it available for download to showcase what Paul Ozz sounds like RIGHT MEOW as opposed to last year.

I’m hoping to make a bit of a splash in this big ocean of music and this is a sound way to do it.



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